Our Impact

We fund programs not agencies

We are working to advance the areas of health, income, education, and basic needs, which are the building blocks for a good quality of life. Through the collective efforts of the public, we are able to partner with agencies that provide high-quality programs that better lives. In short, we want to impact lives so that they thrive with income stability, education, and health and are independent of charitable and governmental needs.

We are looking at outcomes

Every year, we allocate funds to programs as vast as the needs of our community. These funds are used by our program providers to fuel the outcomes that better our community.  

What are outcomes? One of our program partners is Children's Learning Centers. They provide affordable, quality daycare which allows parents to continue their education or work full time. We measure how many parents work and receive merit raises through their employer. This is just one example of what our funds do!

Here's the complete list of 2021 Allocations