Success Stories

We work to change lives forever in Amarillo & Canyon. We tackle tough issues that make a lasting difference and create opportunities for greatness - like helping children succeed in school and prepare for careers, providing support to get people back to work and creating a culture where people choose a healthy lifestyle.


Boys and Girls Club of Amarillo (Maverick Club). A 13 year old has attended the Club for over six years and like many of her peers her family history includes incarceration, single parent home and other factors that have heavily influenced her home life. She attended the Money Matters and Careers Lunch programs and began to understand the importance of education and how vital it is for her future family.  She has the knowledge and support to progress through high school and has a goal of going to college and becoming a nurse. She has worked as a Jr. Staff for the last couple of years and the money she earns doing this goes in to a savings account for college.


Children’s Learning Centers. Single mother with dire need for child care but little means to pay for it. Child Care Services had frozen its intake thus not being able to enroll her children in to daycare. The grandmother was caring for the kids however she had a medical emergency and could no longer do this. The mother almost lost her job due to the kids having nowhere to go along with her mother’s health issues. Children’s Learning Centers was able to immediately provide childcare for her kids through the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon’s assistance. The mother was able to resume her regular work schedule retaining her employment.


Coalition of Health Services-Nurse Family Partnership. A young lady who was a sophomore at WTAMU became pregnant unexpectedly. She was from Dallas and did not have any family in the area. She was enrolled in the nursing program at WTAMU and did not want to have to stop going to school. She was enrolled in the Nurse Family Partnership program and provided support and the resources needed in order to continue on her educational path. She had a healthy pregnancy and birth along with progressing academically. She has a healthy thriving 28 month old child and continues to be in school and has the confidence and strength to face the challenges of daily life. She is on track to graduate with her nursing degree in the future.

Basic Needs

PRPC/Area Agency on Aging-FoodNet. An 85 year old veteran who is widowed is a recipient for home delivered meals. He received a small income from Social Security, but it is less than the Federal Poverty Level. FoodNet meals allow him to receive healthy, nutritious meals on a regular basis allowing him to stay in his own home.