Community Status Report

The United Way of Amarillo & Canyon's Community Status Report—The report presents demographic, income, health, education and vulnerable population data for the Amarillo & Canyon community and is a tool for all citizens, non-profit agencies, government and business to use in strategic planning and social service investments in the year ahead. The research and data from the report helps guide the United Way’s Community Impact Councils comprised of volunteers seeking the best investments to improve the most pressing issues facing our citizens in education, health, and financial stability.

Community Status Report 2023

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Factoring in the numbers from the Community Status Report with the population, here are a few estimated numbers. There will be more to come!

  • Randall County is gaining in total population and child population, while Potter County’s total population is stable but its child population is decreasing.
  • Despite the decreasing child population in Potter County, the median age of its population is still younger than Randall County’s (34.5 vs. 36.4, respectively).
  • The racial distribution is also different between the two counties, with Potter County having a more diverse population: 40.4% Hispanic and 10% Black vs. 25.4% and 2.4%, respectively in Randall. The White population comprises roughly 2/3 of Randall’s (64.5%) and half (50.2%) in Potter.

We at United Way of Amarillo & Canyon are dedicated to ensuring the education, health, and income stability to all of its residents. However, we cannot do it alone. We need partners along the way to pick up their swords and participate in this fight. From this Community Status Report, we have the information needed to see what the actual problems are and from there can take action. Together we can make a difference.  

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